Uxbridge Complete Renovation and Addition

  1. After: Board & Batten Siding, Uxbridge
  2. Before: Addition, Uxbridge
  3. Before: Original house and garage, Uxbridge
  4. Under Construction
  5. Addition, Uxbridge
  6. Addition: Uxbridge
  7. After: Addition, deck and board & batten siding
  8. After: Addition Including Board & Batten Siding, Uxbridge
  9. Before: Original Front Door Entrance, Uxbridge
  10. Ensuite Bathroom: Was original front entrance, Uxbridge
  11. After: Was Original Front Entrance, Now Master Ensuite
  12. After: Ensuite Tiled Shower
  13. Before: Original Living Room
  14. After: Was Living Room, Now Master bedroom
  15. Before: Original Kitchen, now new front entrance, Uxbridge
  16. Before: Original Kitchen & Side Entrance
  17. Before: Second Bedroom, Uxbridge
  18. Second Bedroom: new window, carpet, paint. Uxbridge
  19. New Front Entrance: Was Original Kitchen
  20. Before: View to Original Kitchen, Uxbridge
  21. Before: Original Kitchen, now new front entrance, Uxbridge
  22. After: Original Kitchen Area, now front entrance
  23. Before: Original Back Wall of House, Blown out to add addition
  24. After: View to addition down the hallway
  25. Addition: Cathedral Ceiling
  26. Addition: Kitchen, Uxbridge
  27. Addition: Catherdral Ceiling, Uxbridge
  28. Addition: Kitchen and Bathroom
  29. Addition: Vaulted Ceiling
  30. After: Additon including Harwood Floors

Complete Office Renovation

  1. After: Renovated Office Space, Uxbridge
  2. During Construction: Steel Stud Framing, Uxbridge
  3. After: Fully Renovated Business, Uxbridge
  4. After: Front Entrance & Front Desk, Uxbridge
  5. Steel Stud Framing, Uxbridge
  6. Construction Continues, Uxbridge
  7. After: Uxbridge Business

“We have used Steele Carpentry on different home projects over the years and were extremely impressed with the workmanship as well as the timely manner in which the jobs were completed. When we moved to a new work location, we automatically contacted Jamie knowing what quality and service we would receive. We would definitely refer Steele Carpentry without hesitation.”

Keri & Kevin Smith – D.G Smith Insurance Brokers