Large Basement Renovation

  1. Huge Basment with Bar, Uxbridge
  2. Walkout Basement, Uxbridge
  3. Basement with wrapped posts, Uxbridge
  4. Bedroom in the Basement, Uxbridge
  5. Large Basement with walkout
  6. Bathroom in the Basement, Uxbridge

Complete Basement Renovation

  1. Complete Basement: Potlights, Fireplace. Uxbridge
  2. Complete Basement: Wrapped Post with ledge, Uxbridge
  3. Basement: laminate fitness room, Uxbridge
  4. Complete Basement: Fitness Area, Uxbridge
  5. Complete Basement: Wide Staircase, laminate flooring and carpet, Uxbridge
  6. Complete Basement: 3 piece bathroom, slate tile floor, Uxbridge
  7. Complete Basement: Slate Tile Floor, Uxbridge
  8. Complete Basement: Slate Tile Floor, Uxbridge

Custom Built Bar

  1. Custom Built Bar in Basement, Uxbridge
  2. Silestone Counter Top, Uxbridge
  3. Custom Built Bar, Uxbridge
  4. Custom Built Bar