Two Story Addition, Century Home, Uxbridge

  1. After: Screened-In Porch, Century Home Addition, Uxbridge
  2. Before: Uxbridge Century Home Addition
  3. Demolition: Uxbridge Century Home Renovation
  4. After: 2 story Uxbridge Addition, Century Home
  5. After: 2 story Uxbridge Addition, Century Home
  6. After: Kitchen Addition in Century Home in Uxbridge
  7. Second Story Addition: TV Room, Uxbridge
  8. Century Home, 2 Story Addition, Uxbridge
  9. Century Home Addition, Uxbridge
  10. Second Story Century Home Addition, Uxbridge
  11. Century Home Addition, Uxbridge

Literally from the day we contacted Jamie Steele with our addition plans, to the day we shook hands at the completion of the job, we knew Jamie was the right person to entrust with our stately historic home.  Over the course of several months, we were consistently impressed with his honesty and integrity, with his dependability and his adeptness at problem-solving.  He is a down-to-earth, hard-working professional who was a pleasure to have around.  He and his crew honoured our project by respecting our ideas, presenting practical solutions to problems as they arose, and by working as a team to get the job done.  We have since happily recommended him and his crew to family and friends.  He will be our only choice for any future projects.

Second Story Addition with Back Porch, Uxbridge

  1. After Second Story Addition Above the Garage, Uxbridge
  2. Before Second Story Addition, Uxbridge
  3. Before Second Story Addition, Uxbridge
  4. After Second Story Addition: back of house including covered porch, Uxbridge
  5. Inside Second Story Addition, Uxbridge
  6. Second Story Addition: Cathedral Ceiling Including Rock Wall, Uxbridge

In reference to our most recent addition, we would like to say thank you to Steele Carpentry and that we couldn’t be happier with the job that you did.  The way you were able to tie our second floor addition into our existing house was outstanding.

We will continue to call you for all future projects no matter how small or how big as we know we can put our trust and faith into you and your team.

Dave and Lorrie

Laundry Room Addition

  1. After: Laundry Room Addition, Uxbridge
  2. Cutting out the brick to make the new opening
  3. Brick Removed Getting Ready To Cut Through Existing House
  4. Block Basement
  5. Poured Cement Floor
  6. Cut Throug into Existing House, Uxbridge
  7. Block Wall Removed, broke through to interior of house
  8. Laundry Room Addition before brick, Uxbridge
  9. Framing in and roofing new laundry room
  10. After: New Cabinets in New Laundry Room
  11. After: New laundry Room, Uxbridge
  12. After: New Laundry Room, Uxbridge

“We have used Steele Carpentry for a number of home improvements over the past 10+ years including an entire finished basement, an extension to our home to expand the laundry room, the installation of new patio doors (including adding a patio door in place of a window), a new 250 sq ft deck and various interior trim work including the addition of crown molding throughout the main floor.  Everything was always completed on time and on budget.  We would highly recommend Jamie and his crew to anyone considering professional home renovations.

Rick and Joanne Nelson, Markham”

Two Story Addition with Kitchen, Uxbridge

  1. After: 2 story Uxbridge Addition
  2. Before: 2 Story Addition, Uxbridge
  3. After: Kitchen Addition - Uxbridge

“We absolutely recommend Steele Carpentry! Jamie kept our renovation on time and on budget. He and the guys made the experience of a home renovation with 3 kids fun.” The Buttery Family